ACC Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the importance of having Cockapoos that are registered? cockapoos
  A. You will have assurance that the puppy you buy has lineage coming from the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. The American Cockapoo Club keeps track of all Cockapoos born to ACC breeders and assigns registration numbers to each puppy. Registration helps make it possible to provide a traceable background for your puppy.
Q. How can I be assured that my Cockapoo puppy will come from a quality breeder?
  A. The breeders on our Breeder List have agreed to abide by the ACC Code of Ethics. Members are not allowed to sell puppies to pet shops, either outright or on consignment, or supply puppies for auctions, raffles or other such enterprises, and member breeders have agreed to maintain the best possible standards of health for the animals and care of their kennels.
Q. Will my puppy be registered?
  A. Cockapoos sold through the American Cockapoo Club will be assigned a registration number. When you receive your puppy, you will be given the information to register your puppy on this Web site or to send for your registration through the mail. See Register Your Puppy for more information. After you register your puppy, you will receive your official Certificate of Registration in the mail approximately three weeks after we receive payment (cost of registration is $15).
Q. What is the best way to train my puppy?
  A. See the Cockapoo Information section of our Web site for many helpful tips on training your Cockapoo.


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