ACC Breeder Code of Ethics

We encourage spay and neutering of all Cockapoos not being used in a breeding program and that are not of breeding quality. It is important that only Cockapoos that show breed standard be used in breeding programs.


1. Members of the American Cockapoo Club have an obligation to protect the interest of the breed by conducting themselves with integrity in all manner of business relating to the American Cockapoo Club.

2. Members are expected to observe the highest standards of sportsmanship.

3. Members breeding litters or who allow the use of their stud dog to the same end, shall direct their efforts toward producing Cockapoos of exceptional quality, temperament and condition.

4. Members shall not engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of the breed, nor shall they malign their competition by making false or misleading statements regarding their competitors' dogs, breeding practice or person.

5. Inappropriate (obscene, sexually explicit, etc.) words or photos are not allowed on the American Cockapoo Club Web site. The American Cockapoo Club reserves the right to, immediately and without notice, remove any and all material posted on this Web site if it is deemed inappropriate by the owners of the American Cockapoo Club. A violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of membership in the American Cockapoo Club.

Breeder Responsibilities. Breeders shall:

5. Be familiar with the breed standards for their breeding dogs and strive to breed only those dogs which conform to each breed standard.

6. Be familiar with the Terms of Membership of the American Cockapoo Club and abide by these rules.

7. Use for breeding only those dogs which they believe to be healthy and free from serious congenital and hereditary defects.

8. Produce puppies only when they have the time and facilities to provide adequate attention to physical and emotional development.

9. Retain or house only the number of dogs for which they have adequate facilities.

10. Not knowingly breed a dog that has become affected with or has produced any serious inherited defects.

11. Keep clear records of dogs bred, dates of breedings and whelpings, and number of puppies in each litter.

12. Maintain the best possible standards of health for the animals and care of their kennels. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping all dogs in sanitary conditions, housing appropriate for the climate, adequately sized runs, proper nutrition and veterinary care.

13. Insure that puppies are never shipped or delivered in dirty, matted condition.

14. Not sell puppies to pet shops, either outright or on consignment, or supply puppies for auctions, raffles or other such enterprises.

15. Take responsibly for any and all Cockapoos that they have bred for the life of that Cockapoo in order to take the burden off rescue groups.

16. Provide written, fully executed guarantee, health records, and American Cockapoo Club registration material to the puppy buyer before or during the delivery of the puppy. Breeders must provide American Cockapoo Registration Numbers of sire and dam on the written guarantee.

17. Remember that a Code of Ethics is more than a set of rules; it is a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning and breeding your dogs.


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