ACC Membership Costs

1. Initial fee of $50 to join the American Cockapoo Club includes:

  • Membership with NO annual fee.
  • Advertisement on the American Cockapoo Club Web site.
  • Kennel information plus photo displayed on Breeder List pages.
  • Able to view your information immediately on the American Cockapoo Club Web site.
  • Breeder login area accessible only to members.
  • ACC registration numbers assigned to all breeding stock.
  • Ability to add or remove breeding stock at any time - no charge.
  • Ability to print Registration Certificates for breeding stock.

2. Litter registration is $20 per litter or $12 per puppy, depending on which option you select. The choice is yours. Complete details after you join, or you may contact us for more information:

  • ALL litters must be registered with the American Cockapoo Club.
  • We believe keeping track of litters is necessary, as this information tells us which dogs are being bred.
  • Registering litters will help further one of the goals of the American Cockapoo Club:
    "Help in promoting Cockapoos as a breed unto their own."

3. Registration Certificate for breeding stock:

  • If you desire to have a Breeding Registration Certificate mailed, the cost will be $12.00 per certificate. See sample certificate.
  • If you don't wish to have the Certificate mailed, there will be a form with the ACC logo that you can print from your computer.
  • Please provide any proof of lineage that you have available on each of your breeding stock. This will help us be able to trace the dogs back to their AKC roots. This information can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to us. If you do not have any registration numbers for your dog, please send photos of front, side and back, plus photos of the parents.

4. Cost for buyer to register a puppy:

  • $15 to register a puppy - either on the ACC Web site or through the mail. An official Certificate of Registration will be mailed to each buyer who registers his or her puppy.

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